welcome to fisheye film festival


Every edition of Fisheye Film Festival brings a new treasure trove of truly excellent films from our international competition. About half of the films come from UK talent and the remainder from filmmakers from over 25 other countries, providing a rich and diverse cultural flavour to our festival programme.

We have had submissions of shorts, micro shorts and features across a range of genres, including drama, experimental film, comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, animation and documentary.

From these entries, we curate a series of Competition Showcases which we screen at Fisheye Film Festival; each one an exciting mix of films reflecting the contemporary concerns and inspirations of filmmakers from our local area, across the UK and around the globe.

You can read more information on our selection and Awards process on the Competitions page.

our approach

We encourage as many filmmakers as possible to experience our festival, taking part in online discussions as well as in person events. Meeting the creators, and hearing their stories and aspirations is as important to us as celebrating the films.

In 2023, seven days of a virtual festival ran prior to two days of live screenings. We showed several features and many short film showcases live and online, and held virtual as well as in person Q&A sessions. For more information, see the link below.

The hybrid format worked well in 2023, increasing participation and enabling access to many who were not able to join the screenings in High Wycombe. So we plan to continue to deliver both online and in person events for 2024.

fisheye film festival 2023

We are proud and delighted to present screenings of nearly 70 films this year including 5 feature films. The standard of films we receive continues to amaze us, and each year the judging becomes more difficult. We hope you will be as impressed as we are with the films submitted to Fisheye 2023.

In the festival diary below, you can explore the programme, which is split into two sections, Live and Virtual. In both sections, short films are presented in showcases, all of which offer variety even if films are linked by genre, style, or theme. Passes can be bought for single or multiple showcases, and exchanged for tickets to whichever film showcases you choose.

In the virtual programme, showcases are shorter to offer the flexibility to sample more for the money. We even have a ‘buy one get one free’ offer to tempt discovery of these fun-sized film treats.

Having watched some of the films, and perhaps rated them online, we encourage you to attend the festival in person on 22nd April and join in the screenings and Q&As with the filmmakers.

The festival finale is a celebration of this year’s filmmakers and their creative achievements. We invite you to join us for a reception where the contenders for the ‘best of 2023’ awards will be nominated. After the last showcase at the Empire Cinema, High Wycombe, the award winners will finally be announced!