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21apr1:15 pmMoving Pictures - ArtDouble bill: Part 2. Stories and feelings expressed in different art forms; dance, movement, sound and music, collage, and animation.


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Double bill: Part 2. Stories and feelings expressed in different art forms; dance, movement, sound and music, collage, and animation.

Moving Pictures – Art

1.30pm screening

Dir: Esther Weber
Germany 3mins

Let’s get going! And everything is turning! The Big Monster takes us into a strange world of pleasure. A time-lapse film with individually edited long exposures and a sound collage from self-made field recordings.
Experimental. Visual art. UK Premiere.

Dir: Elaine Crowe
Ireland 1min

This film plays as a dream – echoing the bodily experience of liquid processes and electric impulses that flash in light and colour. The film also plays with the elusive nature of memory. Using motifs of flying and swimming that recur in the filmmaker’s dreams – shapes and colours vanish the moment they become conscious.
Micro short. Experimental. Collage. UK Premiere.

Dir: Sofiya Afonasina
Austria 3 mins

A fragmented soul and a disembodied voice search for their place in an urban environment
Micro shorts. Silent/movement film. World Premiere.

Dir: John Dawson
USA 3mins

“Soup Mix” is an experimental film made by Colorado artist and filmmaker John
Dawson in 2023. This short film is 100% hand made by drawing, painting and scratching directly onto 16mm and Super 8 film stock. My films are all about motion and having fun! I hope people are entertained and energized by all of my films. You can think of it like a ride at the amusement park or view it the same way you might view fireworks or abstract painting.
Experimental. Animation. Collage.

Dir: Jonathan Bower
UK 4mins

This phone film explores the metaphorical relationship between consumer materials and human biology, looking within the domestic and the mundane to find neurological activity, cellular decay and the battle between health and sickness, with the artist’s personal experiences of grief being reflected in the sound design.
Experimental. Collage.

Dir: Peter Beatty & Joseph Boyle
UK 5mins

The stop-motion animation music-video created for the song ‘Tell Me Where To Go’ was made using a multi plane camera, and shot in a home studio onboard a boat in London between 2021 and 2023. The music video was directed by independent artist and musician Peter Beatty and filmmaker and editor Joseph Boyle. It was written and produced by Peter Beatty and brings together his visual art and music for the first time, with the song taken from his forthcoming album ‘Different Flowers’, out in 2024.
Experimental. Animation. Music video.

Dir: Le Gentil Garçon
France 15mins

Stop-motion film, inspired very freely by Italo Calvino’s “Mister Palomar”, an astonishing meditation on the act of looking. The director tried to crystallize the visions that this novel, hallucinatory in many ways, had awakened in him, by evoking artists who are dear to him: Arnold Böcklin, Odilon Redon, Méliès, Dora Maar, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mariana Enríquez, Topor, Cocteau, Buñuel, Borges… All artists with the ability to bring out the sublime from the prosaic.
Experimental. Animation. UK Premiere.

Dir: Callum Scott
UK 11mins

WE ARE BRED TO STICK WITH THE PROGRAM // ONE WORKER ENTERED A TUNNEL AND LEFT WITH THE TRUTH. We are living in the horrors of late stage capitalism. A worker, TM 109, is literally trapped by the daily grind. He sleeps, he eats, he works. When a mysterious tunnel one day opens up in his room, he decides it’s time to look within.
Experimental. Animation. UK Premiere.

Dir: Connor Haywood
UK 17mins

In a seaside town, a teenage boy sees a series of coincidences, that lead him to the truth…” – Whitebait is a semi-autobiographical film about undiagnosed bipolar disorder and its relationship to delusions of reference.
Narrative shorts. Drama.


(Sunday) 1:15 pm BST


Bucks New University - Studio 1

Bucks New University, High Wycombe, HP11 2JZ



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